To our military family…

So you’re eligible for a VA loan? Congrats! And thank you for your service!

Our goal is to take care of YOU because you have done so much for US.

There are SEVEN things you need to know about buying a home using VA financing:

1. VA loans are awesome because you can buy a house for $0 down at low interest rates AND not pay mortgage insurance!! I think it’s the best type of financing available.

2. VA has strict property condition guidelines, to protect veterans, so not all properties will be eligible… but most will! Properties in need of obvious work, even just peeling paint, will not qualify.

3. You always want to get a general home inspection, but with VA financing you will also need a wood-destroying insect (termite) inspection. If there’s a septic or well on the property, those will need to be inspected too. This is to protect you!

4. VA appraisals are tougher than most others, but your contract does allow you an “out”, with refund of your earnest money, should the property not appraise. Again, this is all to protect you!

5. VA charges for non-allowables… these are closing costs that they do not allow the homebuyer to pay so we negotiate for the seller to cover them, and they usually amount to about $1800… BUT sometimes there’s a work-around!

6. VA loans can take a little longer to close than conventional loans, but a really good lender will take great care of you.

7. Some VA buyers actually get cash back at closing! Keys to your new house plus some spending money… that’s not a bad day!

Here in Military City USA, we help our military and ex-military clients take advantage of their VA eligibility all the time and we know lenders who specialize in VA financing as well.

Again, thank you for your service, and please reach out if you have questions. We are here to help!


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